Hip U Drape (Plastic Surgery / Orthopedics)

Hip U Drape (Plastic Surgery / Orthopedics)


  • Level 4 protection as per ANSI / AAMI Standards.
  • High-performance critical area protection as per European Union standards.
  • No fluid can pass through the drape in operating area.
  • The Drape is sterilized in a CE certified facility.
  • Minimum transfer of fabric fibers into the wound. No chemicals present in the fabric of the drape.
  • Material: spun lace fabric water repellant Sheet size: 1×1.5 m‚ Adhesive strip: 4 cmx1.5 m


  • Used in Plastic Surgery and Orthopedics
  • For all kind of surgery in HIP area including HIP replacement.
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