Medicare's State-of-the-art facility

Production Setup

At Medicare Hygiene, we have
always placed Quality at paramount importance

We understand the huge impact our products have on humanity and we, at Medicare Hygiene, have always placed Quality at paramount importance with all our conduct and offerings. Stringent quality control is maintained at every stage of the manufacturing process, by way of both online and batch testing. All products are made and packed in a controlled environment, designed keeping in mind specific parameters and after a great deal of research & development.

To make sure that each product adheres to the ever-changing needs of the world all over, we are committed to enhancing our product quality on an on-going basis.

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Medicare Hygiene has already got
the following certifications :

  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2016
  • State GMP Certification
  • Schedule-M Standards
  • We have also applied for CE-Certification from SGS India Pvt. Ltd.

Our testament to serve the highest quality comes with a diligent of standard practices which are reflected in all the concerned departments, right from procurement throughout the production process. At every step, our production department works carefully making sure to comply with our quality promise- right from the initial raw materials' selection to testing the degree of permeability, absorbent and adherent properties, thorough sterilization to the final packaging, storage and transit of finished goods.

All these stringent QC checks are performed in-house based on internationally defined parameters to ensure total control over the QC process. Medicare Hygiene has set up well equipped Instrument, Chemical and Microbiological testing laboratories for carrying out various tests that are essential for the QC process.

We have always believed to achieve excellence with our products. To make sure our offerings are beyond what we aim to deliver, a demonstrated procedure has been set up with well-equipped labs for testing and a state-of-the-art production facility to facilitate top quality products in required proportions. Our Instrument, Chemical and Microbiological testing laboratories carry out dedicated tests for ideal product compositions and a heading way for a specialized manufacture process.

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Our advanced, uni-directional production facility has been conceptualized systematically with paint-free modular partitions to ensure systematic, step-wise manufacturing process. Manufacture of Paraffin Gauze/ Medicated Gauze Dressing (Automatic Pouch Making Machine / Tin Pack Machine) is carried out in a Class —C Classified Production Area with the Material Movement done through Dynamic Pass Box.
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The State-of-the-art facility possesses force-draft ventilation systems, carrying out 3-micron air filtration to keep a check on environmental & sustainability parameters. The facility has been facilitated with the top-most hygiene parameters, and the entire production area maintains a strict decorum to prevent any possible error.